biopic_3ofusBruce Waltuck, Cathy Reynolds, Amanda Lyons…
… and most importantly, YOU!

In 2014, the three of us, Bruce, Cathy, and Amanda, have begun working together to create something that builds on our passion for helping people in communities and organizations achieve better outcomes together.  Like you, we face some really hard challenges of change.  We’ve experienced the frustration and disappointment when the things we try, do not bring the results we intended.  We are always looking for new and better ways to help people break free of the patterns of relating and collaborating that seem to stifle, not enable, new thinking and better results.
We want to share our journey of learning and doing with you, by convening monthly gatherings with people like you – people working to help others work more effectively and creatively together.  We can’t wait to see you there!


circle_bruce250 catalyst

creative, analytical, collaborative…


Bruce Waltuck is an award-winning change leader, with a commitment to helping people achieve better outcomes together. Bruce worked 26 years at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), where he co-created and ran the Department’s breakthrough system for business process improvement. He later served as a negotiator of the first fully interest-based collective bargaining agreement in the U.S. Federal sector. Bruce has been a presenter to more than 20,000 people throughout the U.S., Canada, and Southeast Asia, including a series of 22 lectures on labor-management collaboration in Brazil. Bruce’s last Federal position was as Senior Advisor to the Administrator of a division of HHS, where he led improvements in a $3 billion annual grant-making process, and conducted large-scale national dialogues on behavioral health. Bruce’s work is greatly informed by concepts and methods from complex systems science, which he has also taught to doctoral students for the past 10 years. Bruce is using his improvement methods in work with his colleagues at I-OPEN, where he currently serves as a Director. Bruce holds a degree in economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and a Masters Degree in Complexity from the University of Western Sydney. Bruce gets creative every day, playing Delta and Chicago blues on the guitars he leaves around the house. He also has a passion for the cuisine of New Mexico, growing and roasting his own green chiles.



inquisitive, empathetic, inspired


Cathy Reynolds, RN, BSN, MJ, DL, loves nothing more than witnessing an A-Ha! moment happen.  That moment when that synergy of people engaging each other that produces a spark and then action.  Oh, and French red wine.  She loves a good French red.

In the field of healthcare for 17 years, as a critical care and emergency registered nurse and currently a patient safety specialist, Cathy brings a complexity view to her work with frontline clinical safety improvement teams.  She played a key facilitator role in a hospital effort to reduce the spread of MRSA by applying Positive Deviance with significant and sustainable results.   While managing the patient safety efforts for a large, urban medical center, hand hygiene rates improved significantly with strong data combined with equal engagement of frontline staff and hospital leadership.  Cathy implemented the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP), developed at Johns Hopkins, in the Intensive Care Unit with spread to ten additional hospital units currently across different campuses.  As the program lead, she is focused on bringing coaching and facilitation in adaptive skills to bedside safety teams as well as support for technical aspects of their work.  As an invited and active member of the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute CUSP Learning Network, she advises organizations applying this framework with discoveries and best practices.  In May 2014, she co-coordinated an Adaptive Leadership /Liberating Structures Workshop which drew participants from as far as the UK and Chile.

With a basic belief in the value of time and space for diverse minds to interact, she is passionate about working with her community through local farm markets and neighborhood civic association. When not thinking about safety programs,  she can generally be found daydreaming of traveling to Europe more than she has and counting the days to the next beach day at the Jersey Shore.



curious, energetic, adventurous


Amanda Lyons is an educator, facilitator, consultant, artist, visual thinker and team player based in Brooklyn, NY and is always ready to travel. She facilitates workshops, courses and trainings on visual note-taking, conducts classroom presentations (sometimes via Skype) and also serves as a graphic recorder (visually capturing ideas from group meetings). Amanda Lyons attended the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University and received an MS in Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources in 2008. As a Lead Instructor for Outward Bound Urban Centers, Amanda taught leadership skills, building resilience and compassion in people, with the outdoors as the classroom.

In 2010, Lyons started VISUALS for CHANGE to help people better understand each other through more meaningful connections – to enhance visual language appreciation & know how. Consulting as sole proprietor, she works with companies big and small, bringing in affiliates when needed. Also, she teaches leadership seminars at Rider University through the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills, facilitates occasional corporate team-building programs with Outward Bound, and hosts corporate team-building scavenger hunts in NYC with cityHunt. Lyons collaborates with many affiliates on various projects depending on client needs. Current collaborations include the Peeragogy Project, organizing a monthly complexity group in Philadelphia, PA and building an online platform for a 9 month visual program to be released in beta in January 2015.


2 thoughts on “who

  1. Linda Rauscher October 19, 2016 / 10:48 pm

    I am interested in attending your October 24 event- how do I RSVP?


    • Yes and... Philly! March 22, 2017 / 10:53 pm

      Linda, my apologies for not getting back to you in a timely manner! I somehow missed this comment! We would love to have you at our next event if you’re still interested… will be April 12, 2017… not even up yet! Reach out if you’re interested yesandphilly[at]gmail[dot]com



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