your invited to our MARCH gathering!

Yes, And. . . Philly MARCH gathering

Monday, March 21, 2016 from 6.30-8.30pm at the Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse

RSVP via email below or eventbrite

We may talk about our next steps, hear STORIES from participants, practice facilitating liberating structures &/or build collaborative relationships, and…. Attendance is by donation. SNACKS are potluck style & will happen at a specific snack break – feel free to bring something & someone! 

We look forward to another amazing gathering, with. . . YOU!

– Amanda, Bruce, & Cathy


design meeting thoughts

Bruce, Cathy & Amanda met back in December to chat about what’s emerging for Yes, and…Philly. As usual, we went for an awesome Indian restaurant, this time in North East Philly.

souptonutsWe talked about how to really take what we’re up to and build out what’s next with the group. There’s been interest in learning facilitation techniques, interest in using liberating structures in actual change projects together and there’s always great networking & conversations too! We’re excited to open the conversation up and see what we all can’t create together, keeping in mind minimum specs, of course!

next400There are lots and lots of ways we could work together! We are excited to jump in and figure out how we will continue to learn and change together!

So, we ask, what’s the best next step for you?!



THANKS for those who came out to our NOVEMBER gathering of Yes and… Philly! (And to those who wanted to!) There’s nothing like great community conversations to help connect each other and start things! Whoosh!

Put our next date in the calendar – December 7, 2015, 6.30-8.30 location tbd!

(blog recap coming soon!)

november Yes, and…Philly! storytelling is coming up!

Yes, and… Philly NOVEMBER: 
exploring our challenges via story with Liberating Structures, and…
Thursday, Nov 12 2015
6.30 to 8.30 pm
Chestnut Hill Meeting House
(20 E. Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19118)

RSVP and more details via:
* Bring food to share (potluck style) your friends & colleagues. We’re hoping to add age diversity to our group, please forward on to any students or retirees who might be interested! All are welcome!
* We ask for donations at the event to cover the cost of space rental and other organizing costs.
Have a great day!
Amanda, Bruce, and Cathy
ps. Put Dec 7th (location tbd) on your calendar for next month!

Community stories create connections!

social3lights600Sharing stories that we are passionate about connect us in real ways, creating awesome energy. Folks arrive at our Yes, and… Philly gatherings excited to learn more about each other’s
passion projects AND we leave feeling jazzed anew – ready to connect the night’s storytellers with our network, new knowledge and our own ideas!

Thought we’d share our drawn agenda from our August gathering…aug_agenda300

Telling the stories that we are passionate about and asking questions about how we can help each other seems to resonate well with the group.

TAKE AWAYS from our session included (index card gathering photo below):

  • It’s not hopeless!
  • Stories have the power to share meaning and call us to act together
  • Stories are a catalyst for change
  • Passion!
  • inspired to meet up and talk more with storytellers


Interested in telling your story at our next Yes and… Philly gathering? Reach out! yesandphilly(at)gmail(dot)com

Come listen to community storytelling on Aug 27!

It’s happening – we’re gathering again with a similar framework to our storytelling session in July. If you’re interested in sharing your story, reach out beforehand! Hope to see you there!

Yes and… Philly AUGUST – Storytelling, Liberating Structures and…

Thursday, August 27, 2015 from 6.30-8.30pm

at Shimon’s place in Elkins Park, PA (full address once you’ve registered via eventbrite)


Storytelling at our July gathering

Thanks so much for those willing to jump in & share a story at our last session! It was amazing to hear what folks are doing and how we can better support one another! I’ll share our FRAMEWORK for the gathering, and a SPACE SHOUT OUT!


FRAMEWORK: As conveners, our intention was (and is!) to highlight real stories which focus on real community needs at Yes and…, Philly sessions. We are responding to the ask for real collective purpose. Bring your purpose!

framing questions

1. What’s the change you want to see brought about that you’re really passionate about? Share your vision, what you hope will evolve.

2. Beyond immediate context, what’s the ‘ecosystem’ around the entire situation? What is present in the surroundings?

3. What have you learned that works so well that you think it will be helpful in moving forward with this?

4. What help/resources/connections/… do you need that you don’t currently have to move forward?

Stories were shared within 5 to 8 minutes and each storyteller brought some physical representation of their story or a part of their story (a tactile thing &/or non tech visual aid). There was an opportunity for clarifying questions and Cathy facilitated Wise Crowds (a liberating structure) where we opened  it up for questions & generative conversation.


A huge shout out to Anthony & Alanna for taking care of us at Bejamin’s Desk, an awesome co-working space in the middle of Philadelphia. Thanks so much for hosting Yes and…, Philly‘s July gathering!

conversations emerge!
conversations emerge!                              *not everyone who attended is pictured here


July gathering – come join us!

Yes, And. . . Philly is back for another great gathering! 


What Will We Do?

We’ll be hearing stories from several participants: people sharing the challenges they are experiencing in their communities, or workplaces, and aiming to build collaborative relationships to help overcome these challenges. 

Logistically, we’ll most likely hear 2 participant stories and will follow each up with conversations and exercises to support the continuation of their stories. *Sidenote: This is most likely a framework we will use again so if you are interested in sharing a story please reach out to us!

When and Where?

Tuesday, July 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at Benjamin’s Desk in Philadelphia. A huge shout out of thanks to Anthony, Alanna and others who will graciously host us! Check out their website to learn more about the space and in particular their co-working hosting!

Is there a cost to attend? 

We ask for small donations to help us cover logistical costs such as meeting space rentals, snacks and supplies which we’ll provide.


Feel free to bring colleagues, friends or family who might be interested as well!

We look forward to another great gathering, with. . . YOU!



Amanda, Bruce, and Cathy

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What is Yes, and. . . Philly?

Experience and learn new ways to think, relate, collaborate, innovate and. . . create! Join a diverse group of people from all over the Philadelphia area as we use the transformative methods known as Liberating Structures, along with Visual Communication, Positive Deviance, Narrative Inquiry, and more.  Find new ways to get better ideas and outcomes that you can use immediately with your own groups.

What Exactly Are Liberating Structures?

Liberating Structures are simple, yet powerful methods to get people out of their usual patterns of relating, and thinking together.  These methods open people and groups to new ways of collaborating, and achieving better outcomes together. Liberating Structures have been used with community and business organizations throughout the United States, and in 25 countries around the world. We are part of the growing network of Liberating Structures practitioners and teachers. Read more at


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