learning exchange

In October, we had a learning exchange – in other words, we taught each other LS and other activities to make meetings more meaningful! People presented current challenges, which we used as prompts in some activities. Since the challenges we were working with were real, there was definite satisfaction and learning at the end of the session.



Together, we built our agenda, moving different activities around with sticky notes. We started with some straight up fun called Zip Zap Zop, then moved to short introductions. We were able to use current questions participants would use in their own upcoming work meetings. We tried out 25/10 (an LS exercise) with a participant prompt something like: How might you best support foster kids and their parents (foster parents &/or birth parents)? The group came up with lots of interesting ideas from grandparent mentoring to a community event type day where everyone makes something together and….

Then together we experienced the ‘Stuck Exercise‘ often used in Social Presencing Theatre. (An activity created by Arawana Hayashi.)

And over some snacks, we talked about the LS exercise ecocycle planning & began a conversation with the prompt: What ‘i-n-g’ word would you use to describe our group and what we are all about? Perhaps this is where we will start our conversation next time!


There was also time and space to ask questions about how and why Liberating Structures (LS) work. They literally ‘liberate’ us from traditional meeting styles where someone stands at the front of the room and talks ‘at’ an audience which has no opportunity to share opinions, thoughts, knowledge, etc.

Until next time!