looking for volunteers… know anyone?


Yes, and. . . Philly brings people together, builds facilitation & critical thinking skills, maximizes synergy & sparks change. Our core team of Amanda, Bruce, and Cathy, do a lot of work in the background, from organizing and connecting people and ideas to logistics and…. We’re looking for volunteers to help us take our work to the next level.

If you or anyone you know, have the knowledge, experience, passion and commitment to help Yes, and. . . Philly, let us know! Get in touch by email or twitter.
We are currently recruiting volunteers for the following roles:

COMMUNITY NETWORKER is someone who builds strategic partnerships, takes care of our invitation list and listserv, and is always nurturing Yes and Philly relationships (old and new) – lots of connecting & supporting!

STORYTELLER / SOCIAL MEDIA JOURNALIST is someone who tells the story of what’s going on with Yes and Philly via blog entries (including photos, drawings & writing), tweets, facebook posts and… with the intention of sharing the knowledge, meaning and spirit of our gatherings and their outcomes.

LOGISTICS LEADER is someone who would schedule our gatherings & workshops & leadership team meetings, find community spaces for us to gather & coordinate with people running those spaces, as well as help assure we’re organized and equipped with all the materials needed for each session.

HISTORIAN / DATA SCIENTIST is someone who keeps track of various data points and milestones about the group and/or projects we are doing as we create community change! The Scientist will act as a sort of ‘Organization Anthropologist’ by not only using various tech tools to record and connect knowledge and experience AND will help illuminate the emerging patters of meaning and opportunity.

*All of these roles will work closely with each other as well as with Amanda, Cathy & Bruce.

Please reach out to Amanda, Bruce & Cathy or send inquiries to yesandphilly(at)gmail(dot)com.

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