collaboration & action needed!

As our group gathered in September, we had a great time in conversation and the majority take-away feeling was ready to do something together! THANKS to everyone who came out & look for our October invite coming soon!


We each shared 2 minute stories, with the following prompt: Tell us a story about something you’d like to do and need others to help you do. You can use a 2 question framework: 1) What does this mean? 2) What will I/we do about it? OR a 5 point framework: 1) what is it? 2) why does it matter? 3) who will be involved? 4) when? 5) and then what?

AND we chatted about where we are CURRENTLY. Our gathering structures thus far have fit into 3 categories, as suggested by this image:


1) storytelling,

2) making ‘something’ yet to be determined (perhaps a product which we’ve started some user research around), &

3) experiencing facilitation techniques including liberating structures +….

NEXT – The group is evolving! We’re hoping to meet more regularly, be specific about which of these 3 or other gathering frameworks we will use, AND we’re looking to pull a few more people into the organizational aspects of making these gatherings happen as they are a lot of work! (Reach out if you’re interested… we have some informal roles that we’re thinking about – an email coming out shortly.)



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