Yes and Philly’s upcoming September gathering

Dear Yes and Philly’ers & those interested!
Goodmorning and happy September!
PLEASE JOIN US for our next gathering, where we will once again experience a variety of Liberating Structures.  We’ll talk abut the underlying design (“min specs”) and ways to sort and string multiple LibStructs together to address particular change opportunities. (We may also mention our ongoing project of creating ‘something’ together, which we’re currently in the data gathering stage!)

WHEN:      Wednesday September 14th 2016
6:30-8:30 p.m.

WHERE:   Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House
20 East Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19118

                 (Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia)

COST:       FREE (we do ask for your small donations to help cover costs)

YUM:         Please do bring some healthy snacks to share.
We love our snack break time together 🙂

RSVP via reply via below email or via our eventbrite link:

If you have been with us before, you know the “surprising power” of the transformative collaboration methods called LIBERATING STRUCTURES.  If you have not attended a YES, AND. . . PHILLY gathering before, you will experience ways to rapidly and powerfully change and improve the collaboration in any group.

At YES, AND. . . PHILLY, we use these proven methods (successfully taught and used in more than 20 countries around the world), along with the power of simply-framed stories for expressing understanding and intention; and the power of visual methods to express these things in ways that words alone can not.


Bruce, Cathy & Amanda

Amanda Lyons
Bruce Waltuck
Cathy Reynolds
and… you!
*Do you have or know of space that could host Yes, and Philly in the Philadelphia area? We’re always looking! The best space for Yes, and…Philly events has some open space, natural light/windows, and moveable chairs. It’s also a place where we can bring in our own food. Reach out!

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