Storytelling at our July gathering

Thanks so much for those willing to jump in & share a story at our last session! It was amazing to hear what folks are doing and how we can better support one another! I’ll share our FRAMEWORK for the gathering, and a SPACE SHOUT OUT!


FRAMEWORK: As conveners, our intention was (and is!) to highlight real stories which focus on real community needs at Yes and…, Philly sessions. We are responding to the ask for real collective purpose. Bring your purpose!

framing questions

1. What’s the change you want to see brought about that you’re really passionate about? Share your vision, what you hope will evolve.

2. Beyond immediate context, what’s the ‘ecosystem’ around the entire situation? What is present in the surroundings?

3. What have you learned that works so well that you think it will be helpful in moving forward with this?

4. What help/resources/connections/… do you need that you don’t currently have to move forward?

Stories were shared within 5 to 8 minutes and each storyteller brought some physical representation of their story or a part of their story (a tactile thing &/or non tech visual aid). There was an opportunity for clarifying questions and Cathy facilitated Wise Crowds (a liberating structure) where we opened  it up for questions & generative conversation.


A huge shout out to Anthony & Alanna for taking care of us at Bejamin’s Desk, an awesome co-working space in the middle of Philadelphia. Thanks so much for hosting Yes and…, Philly‘s July gathering!

conversations emerge!
conversations emerge!                              *not everyone who attended is pictured here


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