reflections of our second event


Even with lots of east coast snow on the ground Yes, and… Philly! continues to evolve! Thanks for coming out/wanting to/reading about our February gathering! We began to get to know each other with a comfort spectrum, our network map, mobius strips and an open fishbowl! We had a blast!

Comfort Spectrum

Plot yourself along this comfort spectrum where the left is Extreme Discomfort and the right is Extreme Comfort with Unconventional Structures…. Our group was quite diverse and this exercise prompted a brilliant discussion about what comfort actually means and how we help others navigate this spectrum organizationally: As a leader, what’s the best way to help others move forward, yet appreciating where they are?










OUR fishbowl dialogue was super engaging. We asked the questions, ‘What brought you here?’ and ‘What would make this [Yes, and… Philly!] a slam dunk for you?’


There is interest in tackling real problems together, exploring and trying out building skills together, creating new individual and collective thinking, and keeping play in mind! Let’s have some fun!

This time we met in the beautiful worship room of the Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse. The energy was amazingly calm and nurturing – what a great safe space to explore and build our toolboxes together!

*We are looking for spaces to host our gatherings in the future. The best type of space has room for moving into different chair formations, walls space for hanging paper & drawing, and allows snacks!


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