listening en route

There’s nothing quite like when you’re driving or taking the train or bus & the person inside your speakers makes a comment that just fits.carlistening

Perhaps it’s about something you’ve been studying in an abstract way. Maybe you’ve been learning theory by the textbook or actually listening to your professor in class / your boss in a meeting or maybe your kid shared what she learned in school that day and there it is again. And then you’re standing in line waiting to pay for your lunch and when you glance at the newspaper the headline fits too. That keeps happening to me. Synergy. Everywhere I look and listen, there they are, liberating structures, ripples of change, evidence of the connections and impact….

I love to listen to podcasts in the car. Lately, they’ve been expanding my perspective. One of my favorite podcasts is On Being with Krista Tippett. She interviews people about their passions and life philosophies. Many of her interviews are brilliant. They manage to touch on people’s stories in a wholehearted way as she asks questions which go beyond assumptions, illuminate honesty and find intersections of peace in curiosity and listening.

Listen. I dare you! These podcasts are 50ish minutes each and delve into stories of people spanning generations and sharing their passions. I was struck by how pieces of these conversations made complexity theory (and the essence of which liberating structures are built upon) reality – in practical ways that people have lived. What do you hear in these stories? Do you see patterns of liberating thoughts or overlap in your life?

The Inner Live of Rebellion with Parker Palmer & Courtney Martin (

Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness with Ellen Langer
 – Amanda

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