reflections on our first event!


Cathy facilitating
Cathy facilitating
trioka consulting
trioka consulting

Our first event was so much fun! HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out and those who wanted to! Also, a SHOUT OUT to the folks at the Chestnut Hill Meeting House!

There’s nothing quite like a gathering of people who don’t know each other coming together to start conversation, share stories and ask hard questions. Yes, and… Philly‘s January event was awesome (ok, full caveat that I’m one of the facilitator’s writing such a thing, however we are a host trio and so I speak both from a convener’s perspective as well as a participant’s). The room was full of positive energy throughout the night.

Impromptu Networking, 1 2 4 All, a visual thinking exercise and Trioka Consulting provided frameworks for us to connect and begin to get to know each other as well as help each other with current challenges.

Bruce facilitating
Bruce facilitating

I also happen to be a HUGE fan of Trioka Consulting (one of the liberating structures) as it allows people to find insight in a non-threatening way… often when they least expect it!

At the end of our time together, we asked the group to share one word about how they were feeling and the variety of words shared makes me thing we’re on to something together: ‘connection,’ ‘synergized,’ ‘openness,’ ‘curiosity,’ ‘expansive,’ ‘appreciation,’ ‘curiosity,’ ‘heard,’ ‘insightful,’ ‘thoughtful,’ and ‘looser.’



We can’t wait for the next one as we’re super excited to be hosting these monthly gatherings!


*Photos by Bruce Waltuck.

*Reach out: yesandphilly(at)


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